How To Check USA DV-2020

Your entry for the 2020 Diversity Visa lottery program was received on Friday ,November 2,2018 at 5:54:30 pm EDT. The EDV visa apply after check process you most retain your confirmation number in order to check your entry status visa Entrant status check ( between May 7.2019and September 30,2020 to detemine whether your entry was selected for futhrr processing in the 2020 Diversity Visa Lottery.You will be REQUIRED to enter your confirmation number in combination with other personal information in order to check on your entry status.

The EDV eligibility for this DV free lottery visa program in the USA is determined by the candidates’ country state of birth. Nepal is one of the eligible countries for the American DV Program. 50,000 EdV lottery Diversity Visas are available each year.
It is a short form to the Diversity Visa Program, which is also known as the parmament living payed to green card lottery. That means the person who has been chosen for EDV result 2020 through the lottery process, that person will be given rights to become permanent resident or citizenship by the US government. The registration period of DV lottery for 2020 started on October 4, 2018, and closed on November 7, 2018. The registration was done online through different institution or even small cyber cafes.

How To Check DV 2020

first steps1-open any internet Browser

Second steps -2type url click on this link

after full fill entrant name,confirmation number, year of Births and last Digital signature after submit for waiting few second after show EDV results……..

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