Health Benefit of Herbal Product in DXN

Health Benefit of Herbal Product

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Ganoderma is the powerful herbal product in world. The ganoderma Scientific name is the Ganoderma lucidum,  theGanoderma established for 1881 in Karsten and included only one species. The ganoderma are include personal family in herbal product the product Ganodermataceae are a family of fungi in the order Polyporales.  The ganoderma is the  genus was named by Karsten in 1881 in noth america avilable in ganoderma. The ganoderma are the genus may now be types  into six monophyletic groups under avilable are as follows:-

  • Asian G. lucidum group
  • G. resinaceum group
  • G. colossus group
  • G. tsugae group
  • G. applanatum group
  • G. meredithiae group

Scientific classification of ganoderma

Kingdom:  Fungi

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Polyporales

Family: Ganodermataceae

Genus:  Ganoderma
                  P.Karst (1881)

Division:  Basidiomycota


Type species

Ganoderma lucidum
(Curtis) P.Karst. (1881)

ganoderma avilable in  industry

Ganoderma are the industry wood-decaying fungi with a cosmopolitan distribution. They are ganoderma  can grow on both coniferous and hardwood species.They are ganoderma herbal product is the  white-rot fungi with enzymes that allow them to break down wood components, such as the  lignin and cellulose.

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ganoderma dxn

dxn is the MLM company in the world there are 100% natural product distribute in the market . This product includes in the Ganoderma why the ganoderma is the powerfull 100% natural product there are very important in human they are all types of vitamin use in this all  product of  Ganoderma . ganoderma is the maitain the boday they are very importent for life . The today are diffrent company use this ganoderma product ie. dxn, vestise and mlc etc .

Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi or Reishi)

The Ganoderma lucidum is the an oriental fungus in this post, has a long history of Ganoderma use for promoting health and longevity in Japan,China, and other Asian countries. It is a large number of ganoderma must dark mushroom with a glossy exterior and a woody texture.

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