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iPhone XS Vs Galaxy S9

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Face Off

The battle for smartphone supremacy in 2018 may come down to these 2 smart phones. Apple new model iPhone XS & Samsung S9 flagship from earlier this year, the Galaxy S9. The Apple and Samsung phone comparison is a fair one size,as they feature identically sized displays, but there are plenty of difference when it comes to other spacs and features. Which of the 2 smartchelphone is a batter fit for you,in the following slides, the CRN test center breaks down the new Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Glaxy S9 on space and price.


The Both Apple and Samsung have landed on the same display size for their based model flagships 5.8 inches. Both the smartphone is iPhone XS and Galaxy S9 use colorful and bright OLED technology, as well. The Galaxy S9 comes out ahead on resolution with 2960 x 1440 or 570 pixels per inch .That’s compared to resolution of 2436 x 11225 or 458 ppi, for the iPhone XS. Another diffrence which is no dobt going to be even more noticeable than the difference in resolution is that the iPhone XS includes a camera notch cutout at the top of its screen,wile the Galaxy S9 does not.Otherwise through both of the phones boast minimal bezels around their respective displayes.

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Processor & RAM

The apple vs samsung in  iPhone XS will debut Apple’s newest processor, the A12 Bionic which features a six core CPU. The A12 Bionic includes two high perormance core which run at up to 15% faster speeds than A11 chip in last years iPhones. The initial Geekbench scores suggest that the A12 Bionic and 4GB of RAM in the iPhone XS will offer significantly faster performance than the Galaxy S9, which is powered by the eight ccore Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 4 GB of RAM

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A both galaxy vs iphone phone are storage diffrent size whith the iPhoneXS is that it comes with an option for a massive 512GB of internal storage at the top end.The other iPhoneXS storage otions are for 64 Gb or 256 Gb.

Samsung also has three storage ptions for the Galaxy S9 , with the based model at 64 Gb and the other choices at 128 gb or 256 gb,Additionalyy,the Galaxy S9 provides an option for adding a microSD card that can add up to 400Gb of Storage space.

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