Most Anticipated Cell Phones of 2019

Big Phones On the Horizon

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From ever-shrinking  the new  best smart phone bezels to dual rear cameras trickling down to budget devices, smart mobailes  have changed dramatically in 2018. And things are set to change even all cells  more as we enter 2019.On the horizon, we hope to see radical new designs from Iphone smartphones, which is finally gearing up to unveil the foldable phone it’s been prototyping for years, as well as new iPhones smartphone from Apple that are more of a departure from the relatively iterative iPhone XR and XS  . Sprint,  and AT&T are vying to deliver U.S.’ first 5G-capable device in the first half of 2019, while Xiaomi the Chinese firm that kicked off the entire bezel-free trend with its Mi Mix way back in 2016 — has an excellent opportunity to further innovate with the successor to the Mi Mix 2S, pictured here. 

Samsung Galaxy F (2019)

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For  beginning years, samsung new mobile has told us its first foldable smartphone, tentatively named the Galaxy F, was just around the corner. That corner wasn’t in 2017. However, there’s new reason to believe in  2019 will be the same year, as Samsung revealed a prototype of the device at its developer conference in November. The Galaxy F is folding smartphone expected to contain a 7.3-inch display that reveals itself when the device is unfolded, when it’s closed, there’s a display on the outside reported to measure 4.6 inches. The Galaxy F’s most similar counterpart would have to be  an ZTE’s Axon M,  AT&T-exclusive foldable handset that came out in 2017. Though we hope the idea is better implemented than ZTE’s buggy effort.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (Fall 2018)

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Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the best android  smartphone that anyone can rely on to buy  a budget smartphones with top-notch features. The today selling  the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world.  The Xiaomi smartphone may not be a particularly well-known company on this side of the Pacific, given that they don’t really sell anything here. However, their devices are important and world-renowned for 2 reasons, they take chances with good/unique  design, and they build high quality products at prices that are average on lower,  compared to the all brand  competition. And that has us very excited about the Mi Mix 3 the third iteration of Xiaomi’s range-topping, almost bezel-free smartphone that actually kickstarted the trend 2 years ago. The Mi Mix 3 new smartphone model which sports a slide-out front camera system similar to Oppo’s Find X, a whopping 10 GB of RAM and even support for 5G networks. Of course, you may have some trouble finding a 5G above network to run it on or even an LTE one, for that matter  as the Mi Mix 3 is not expected to release in the West. The world availability is mi xiaomi smartphone uncertain too, though the phone has already begun reaching Chinese customers.

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