Famous Temple of Nepal in  Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath In Kathmandu

The Pashupatinath   is a famous nepal temple and sacred Hindu temple, complex that is located on the banks of the Bagmati River, approximately 5 kilometres north-east of Kathmandu in the eastern part of Kathmandu Valley, they are capital of Nepal. The history of pashupatinath temple pashupatinath mandir serves as the seat of Nepal’s national deity, Lord Pashupatinath. This nepal temple complex was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites’s list in 1979. This pasupatinath is the  “extensive Hindu temple precinct” is a “sprawling collection of temples, ashrams, images and inscriptions raised over the centuries along the banks of the sacred Bagmati river” and is included as one of the seven monument groups in UNESCO’s designation of Kathmandu Valley as a cultural heritage site. Pashupatinath temple is the most nepal tourist place,One of the major Festivals of the pasupatinath temple is Maha Shivaratri on which day over 1 million devotees visit here……#pasupatinath temple#shree pashupatinath temple,

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pashupatinath shivling

pashupatinath mandir is not only religiously important it is also historically important as it’s started  dates back to 400 A.D. Pashupatinath Temple is locatedin nepal  on the Western Bank of river Bagmati. This shiv temple is considered as a masterpiece of Hindu architecture in culture . The main pasupatinath temple consists of a building with bunk roof and golden spire. It is cubic in shape, and this temple four main doors are covered in silver sheets. Also, the two storied roof had been constructed from pure copper covered with gold. The main attraction of this temple is the shining Shivalinga and the huge golden statue of Shiva’s Bull, Nandi.

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Pashupatinath temple in Lingum

The Lingam is the most at Pashupatinath temple is unique photos. Its uniqueness is due to they are the  Lingam is four faced in lingum. The faces are such that they are towards the four directions. The face facing East is called Tatpurusha, the one facing West is called Sadhyojata, the one facing North is called Vamadeva and the one facing South is called Aghora. The uppermost portion of the Shivlinga is called Ishan. pashupatinath temple darshan timings.

Pashupatinath shivalinga

Only Hindu can enter

The main temple of the Pashupatinath Temple can be accessed only by the Hindus and SanctumLord Shiva. For people of all other religions, all the other parts of the building are open except the main temple.

arya ghat

Arya Ghat at Pashupatinath temple is of special importance as this Ghat is the only place near the temple whose water is considered sacred enough to be brought into the temple. Also, this Ghat is considered very auspicious, and hence the member of Nepal’s Royal family are cremated here.

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